ASSD+PL is an  intelligent system of supervision and safety of flight operations in real time. Integrated, complex and accurate system which enables direct oversight of flights. The system operator with aircraft’s real-time parameters at his disposal, is able to influence the flight’s operations. Flight parameters are continuously documented and may be analysed after the flight.

ASSD+PL was developed in cooperation with distinguished Polish scientists as a response to current needs ofGENERAL AVIATION  safety. The system operator with aircraft’s real-time parameters at his disposal, is able to influence the flight’s operations. Flight parameters are continuously recorded and may be analysed after the flight.

ASSD+PL system stems from the European Union project – AeroSafetyShow DEMONSTRATOR+PL, the purpose of which was to create an intelligent supervision and flight operation safety real time system for general aviation. The project was carried out by ŻELAZNY6 – WOJCIECH KRUPA company and Poznan University of Technology and supported by the main organisations such as FAI , PAŻP (The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency) and ULC (the Civil Aviation Authority).

ASSD+PL system has gained recognition among pilots and judges  around the world already in the testing phase by offering  previously non-existent means of flight supervision in real time.

The system is directly addressed to aerobatic competitions and air shows’ organisers, flight schools, aviation authorities, air accident investigation committees. ASSD+PL system has at the same time further strong development potential as it may be used in aerobatic trainings, school flights on routes or in the traffic-pattern operations (oversight, control, flight data registration).

During the development of ASSD+PL, GROUND SECURITY was created–a system for accurate control and supervision of ground safety.


The key functionalities & possibilities of  ASSD+PL are:

– ongoing supervision of flights and direct intervention in their operations (2D and 3D view),

– designation of any surveillance zone (audio and light signals indicating crossing a zone)

– monitoring of a few aircrafts at the same time,

– concurrent control of many parameters (speed, altitude, positionin relation to the designated zone),

– aircraft real-time tracking and aspart of an aircraft’s flight history,

– archiving all flights and their parameters –current recording as part of base station and  independent recording on SD card of mobile module (BLACK BOX FUNCTIONALITY, recording even when there is a lack of connection),

– archiving paper reports, printed afterthe flight

All these functions are applied not only during the oversight of competition and display flights, but also during the pilot training. By usingASSD PL system itispossible to:

  • To exercise real-time supervision of training flights:

– in the traffic pattern – using plane graph function (plan view over flight route) and 3D visualization (control of aircraft’s position in the air)

– in the pilot’s zone– using height chart function and box designation function (audio and light signals indicating crossing a designated zone),

  • Monitoring of the flight parameters as well as checking the correctness of the performed task; immediate communication between an instructor and a pilot, , better response to dangerous situations, audio signal of getting close to the zone’s edge may be introduced in the module,
  • Monitoring of the flight at its every stage, possibleintervention of the on-the-ground instructor  in the flight operation  thanks to direct radio communication with a pilot,
  • Restoring of the flight and printing reports after the flight which enables to perform a full analysis of the flight with a trainee as well as to archive training/examination documentation,
  • Oversight of up to 50 aircrafts and tracking ten out of them (backlighting parameters within the application)
  • Designating boxes –audio or light signalwithin the application when the box is crossed (for the pilot – a possibility to program a module so that an audio signal may be heard after reaching a certain altitude),
  • Conducting training flights by the instructor on the ground which is to ensure the completion of the task and maximum security of the pilots, finding the safest distance between the aircrafts, control of the aircrafts which are out of sight,
  • Control of correct flight parameters by the instructor on the ground


  1. ASSD+PL computer application

Intuitive application for monitoring aircraft’s flight parameters, tracking their positions in 2D and 3D, detailed data recording of a given flight operation. Application enables to create aerobatic zones on the airport’s map, to configure them in any way and to assign names.


Compact and ultralight transmitters with built-in i.a. processor, module, radio antenna, GPS receiver and protected SD card. Independent from other devices. Highly resistant to damage and energy efficient.



Specialised command post that enables more efficient surveillance at a bigger area and a possibilty to react swiftly in emergency. Mobile controller is equipped with e.g. light and sound warning signalling, set of receiving antennas on an 8-meter-high pneumatict mast, 2-seat operator compartment with base station screens, WiFi network, VHF radios with auto recording, weather station, independent power supply, UPS backup power supply.

Mobile controller was designed in such a way as to enable surveillance in all, even the most extreme and unpredictable, conditions.


PC with installed ASSD+PL application and conected antenna.